Information on Parker Duignan Consulting's* co-founders are below, we employ other associates and work in strategic partnerships with other consulting organizations when undertaking particular projects.

Dr Paul Duignan


International strategy, outcomes and evaluation specialist. PhD in outcomes and evaluation, Fulbright Senior Scholar, undertaken assignments in most sectors for government agencies and international organizations such as the International Monetary Fund (IMF). 

“In my outcomes work I’m trying to provide a theoretical basis for thinking about strategy, outcomes, performance management and evaluation across all sectors. In my applied work I then apply those principles working with organizations to make them, and the world, a better place." 

Jennifer Parker


Meditator, communications specialist and facilitator. Trained and worked in mediation and involved in mediation policy and innovation, been involved in reviewing mediation training and accreditation. 

“What I really enjoy is helping teams work through difficult strategy or communication issues and seeing them come out the otherside feeling positive, energised and confident."

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