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What’s new? Our Evaluation Planning Clinics™ will get your evaluation planning all sorted in a couple of hours!  Also check out Dr Paul Duignan’s latest Three Minute Outcomes Video™ on building better indicator sets

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Strategy and outcomes more

We run private, public and nonprofit sector strategic planning workshops. We build visual models of the outcomes organizations are seeking. In the public sector we consult on building government-level strategy, outcomes and performance management systems. We provide training and mentoring in strategy and outcomes. We have worked in most sectors with government and with international organizations such as the International Monetary Fund (IMF). more

Evaluation and program review more

We do high-level evaluation planning, chair evaluation advisory committees, provide methodological consulting and undertake peer review in evaluation. We train and mentor evaluators in program evaluation, outcomes and program review. Try out new Evaluation Planning Clinics™ to get your evaluation planning right in a couple of hours (face-to-face or Skype) at the start.

We provide expert input on all types of evaluation - implementation evaluation (optimizing initiative implementation; program and organizational review); process evaluation (describing and documenting initiative and best practice description); and impact evaluation (proving impact). more

Mediation and resolving conflict more

We provide mediation services, undertaking mediations and providing advice on mediation training and accreditation. 

We are involved in general mediation and mediation in specialist areas - e.g. restorative justice. We use group processes - The Rich Dialogue Process - for discussons between groups regarding issues over which there might be conflict. more 

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