Evaluation and program review


Evaluation and program review planning and methodology

We assist with high-level evaluation planning, chair evaluation advisory committees, and provide methodological input and peer review of evaluation proposals and reports.

In our evaluation work we are very aware that every dollar spent on evaluation is a dollar that could be spent on program implementation. We take this responsibility very seriously and we are experts at focusing on optimizing value-for-money in all our evaluation work.

We have a speciality in large-scale evaluation planning using the strategic evaluation approach.

We use a standardized pragmatic evaluation planning framework in our evaluation which takes into account all of the key methodological decisions that need to be made. 

We have expertise in all types of evaluation - implementation evaluation (optimizing program implementation, program and organizational review); process evaluation (describing and documenting programs and best practice); and impact evaluation (proving impact). We are familiar with all of the different evaluation paradigms and incorporate aspects of them in our work - utilization focused evaluation, goal-free evaluation, realist evaluationmixed-methods evaluation, etc. 

Evaluation and outcomes training and mentoring 

We are also involved in face-to-face and online training and mentoring for those involved evaluation and outcomes work. Dr Paul Duignan brings his extensive experience and expertise in these areas to his evaluation training and mentoring work.

Evaluation methods we use

The evaluation methods we use include: strategy roadmapping for building models or interventions and strategy prior to evaluating them ; strategic evaluation for evaluating organizations, secors, regions and countries; and Group Action Planning for distributed similar programs being undertaken within different organizations or at different sites.

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