Paul W Duignan, PhD

As an outcomes strategist, I build frameworks and tools to help organizations and societies improve. Practically I work at the individual, organizational, government and societal level to help people identify, communicate and implement their strategies, to use evidence, measure outcomes and transfer successful strategies to others.



As an outcomes strategist, I consult on societal outcomes, strategy, performance management, impact evaluation and results and outcomes-focused contracting. Fulbright Senior Scholar, undertaken outcomes assignments for international organizations such as the IMF and multiple government agencies.


As a tech entrepeneur, I develop tools to make outcomes and strategy work easier. Co-Founder DoView (R) Strategy and Outcomes Software Startup which achieved much sought-after Gartner Cool Vendor status. Interested in the wider implications of technology, social media, AI and robotics for wellbeing, social cohesion, conflict and social outcomes.

DoView strategy and outcomes software

Used in 50+ countries for building visual strategy (outcomes) models in real-time in meetings. Extracts the mental model of people's strategy so they can then use such models to implement strategy faster.

Outcomes Theory & Three Minute Outcomes

New theory integrating organizational strategy, prioritization, alignment, attribution and accountability. See a summary and Three Minute Outcomes videos which show how the theory can be applied in practice.

Parker Duignan Consulting

Boutique consulting company doing high-end consulting on strategy, government-wide outcomes and accountability systems, and impact measurement methodologies.

Recent media opinion pieces

Why no Nobel Prize for social scientists?

While the world is making great strides in medicine, technology and the physical sciences we are seeing some deterioration in the social realm. Given this, how does it make any sense to continue to deny social scientists access to the peak scientific award - the Nobel Prize?

Social media manipulation 'Bring it on'

Concern about Facebook and other social media manipulation is now reaching Peak Angst. The problem is not social media manipulation. The problem is that we don't have a way of paying Facebook to manipulate us to be who we want to be, rather than who advertisers want us to be.

Better way of comparing school success

Comparing schools on raw student achievement does not allow for differences in their student intake. It's not a good basis for comparing schools. If you think it is a good idea to compare schools, you at least need to look at 'value-added' to students' academic performance.

How useful are 'experts' wild estimates?

When a high profile event occurs, some expert is happy to come up with an 'estimate'. For instance, the cost of damage in the case of an earthquake. But often such estimates are not based on the details of the particular situation, but rather just plucked from hard-to-verify mathematical models.

Who doesn't understand that visualization rules?

Visualization provides so many benefits in so many areas that I'm shocked when people just don't get it. One example is software support calls where the support person is not able to view our screens while they talk to us. It's a timewasting nightmare we just don't need.

Other media coverage

'Movers and shakers' Paul Duignan of Doview

Another story on our Startup's Gartner Cool Vendor recognition.

Gartner Cool Vendor status

Lessons learnt as a subject matter entrepreneur getting our Startup to Gartner Cool Vendor recognition.

DoView used on mega Danish railway project

Our Doview software used for aspects of planning of a US$3.5 billion Danish railway refit project.

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