Strategy and outcomes

Visual Strategic Planning

When we do strategy with private, public and nonprofit organizations we use a cutting-edge strategic planning methodology which bases planning around building a visual model of what it is that the organization is seeking to achieve. We use a DoView® Results Roadmap™ for this work and the visual model we create with you is then used for priority setting, alignment, KPI identification etc. In a rapidly changing environment, traditional text-based strategic plans and approaches are not agile enough to allow organizations to respond to what they’re facing. More on public and nonprofit sector planning with visual models, more on private sector planning. More on the range of public and nonprofit planning we do.

Strategy and outcomes training workshops

We run training in strategy and outcomes for private, public and nonprofit organisations. We teach you how to build visual strategy models yourself and how you can base your strategy, priority setting, alignment, KPI identification and other organizational work on these. More in our training section.

Outcomes and performance management architecture

We work with governments and international organizations to improve the way in which their outcomes and performance management systems are set up and operated. More.

Methods we use

The methods we use include: strategy roadmapping to bring together an organization’s or sector’s strategy into a single, easily accessible, visual model.

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