Evaluation Planning Clinic (face-to-face or Skype)

            Dr Paul Duignan

You’re presenting your evaluation results at a conference and somone in the audience asks, why didn’t you use methdology X? Avoid an embrassing silence by having us run an Evaluation Planning Clinic on your evaluation planning. We’ll help you kick the tires on your evaluation planning so you can be confident that you have a robus methodology. 

Dr Paul Duignan’s unique Evaluation Planning Clinics draw on his expertise as a master evaluator. He has a PhD in strategic evaluation; has undertaken multiple evaluations; has taught evaluation to thousands of people; peer reviewed evaluations; chaired and served as an evaluation methodology expert on evaluation advisory committees; won international evaluation awards; and established post-graduate university courses in evaluation. 

Use one of his face-to-face, or Skype, clinics to optimize your evaluation plan in just a couple of hours. Paul has developed a set of evaluation planning tools for use in his clinics. For instance, one example is his Impact Evaluation Feasibility Check. You use this tool to quickly review whether you have thought of all of the seven possible impact evaluation design types you could potentially use in any evaluation. Once you have done this analysis, you can stand up at any conference and deal with anyone questioning your decisions concerning any aspect of your evaluation methodology.

Paul is familiar with all of the commonly used evaluation frameworks and approaches including: systems-thinking evaluation; utilization-focused evaluation; empowerment evaluation; stakeholder-based evaluation; realist evaluation; goal-free evaluation; naturalistic or 4th generation evaluation; theory-based evaluation; action research; grounded research and working with indigenous evaluators (e.g. Kaupapa Maori evaluators).

He has extensive experience with the complex issues involved in evaluating difficult-to-evaluate types of initiatives (e.g. projects taking place in dynamic community settings involving multiple stakeholders). He can also help you navigate through any arguments around empiricist versus post-modernist philosophies of evaluation, the use of qualitiative and quantiative techniques etc. if any of these have arisen in regard to your particular evaluation. 

‘The Evaluation Planning Clinic encouraged us to describe our planned evaluation process from start to finish, and Paul helped us identify any remaining gaps or issues.'

Johanna Lundberg, Evaluation Planner

Contact us now to talk further about whether a Duignan Evaluation Planning Clinic would be right for you at this time.


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