Building a visual model of your strategy

Our challenge - can you point us to single place where your whole strategy is fully articulated in an accessible visual drill-down format?

Our visual strategic planning approach can be used with strategy in any area - strategy for a program, organization, policy, collaboration, sector, region or country. We take any current strategy documentation, including any strategy statements of any type in any format. These are brought to a strategy workshop and we use our facilitated process to build a DoView® Strategy Model. This visual model shows a helicopter and drill-down view of exactly where you want to go and how you’re going to get there. The final product incorporates all of your previous strategic thinking. 

You need to be able to instantly show where you want to go

and exactly how you’re going to get there

Where is your strategy at the moment?

It’s not that you don't necessarily have strategy, some organizations have it coming out of their ears! It’s just that is may well be in a number of different places: within strategic planning documents and mission and vision statements. It will be in the ‘project outcomes’ section of your project plans. It will be being talked about for hours in board meetings, retreats and staff workshops. It will have been discussed over the water-cooler and it will live within mental models inside the heads of the chairperson of the board, senior management, staff and stakeholders. And if you are just starting out with a program it will be within the documentation that was used to justify setting up the program or having it funded either externally or internally from within your organization.

Get it out and get it visualized

Once it is out and into a visual strategy model, you can use it to:

  • Immediately identify gaps and overlaps
  • Discuss your strategy with stakholders
  • Think critically about your priorities 
  • Check alignment between your priorities and activity
  • Identify KPIs and indicators
  • Identify where you need to make performance improvements
  • Work out how you’re going to prove you’re having an impact
  • Specify outcomes-based delegation and contracting

See a private sector strategy model example here

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