7. Building better indicator sets

Number 7 in Dr Paul Duignan's Three Minute Outcomes video series. He talks about the importance of building a visual outcomes (strategy) model to underpin any work you are doing on developing indicator sets (indicator or outcome frameworks, Key Performance Indicators, KPIs, metrics). 

Often people attempt to develop indicator sets without the working from a visual outcomes (strategy) model. As a result they do not have a way of talking about the underlying outcomes and strategy of what they are trying to do separately from talking about the measures (indicators) of this underlying outcomes and strategy. This can create confusion and makes the whole process of developing an indicator set less efficient than it should be.

A visual outcomes model enables you to: find indicators faster; check what is, and what is not being measured; and helps you work out how far down an outcomes model an indicator is located. Once the indicator set has been developed, having a visual outcomes model also lets you immediately start work on implementing the initiatives that need to happen in order to improve the indicators in the set.

This video discusses the following outcomes theory principles, look at them to get more detailed information and examples: Indicator sets always need to be underpinned by their underlying outcomes (strategy) model and Beward of overly ’tidy’ indicator sets

When you are building indicator sets you can use the Good Indicator Checklist to make sure that you’re selecting indicators that will be fit-for-purpose in your indicator set.

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