8. Identifying evaluation questions - mapping them onto a visual outcomes model

Number 8 in Dr Paul Duignan's Three Minute Outcomes video series. He talks about how identifying and clarifying evaluation questions can be made much easier by mapping them onto a visual outcomes (strategy model, intervention logic, theory of change, program logic). By looking at the boxes within the model you can quickly identify evaluation questions. You can also use the approach to clarify the wording in cases where alternative wording is being suggested for what are, essentially, the same evaluation questions. The different types, or purposes of evaluation, as mentioned in this video are described in more detail in Three Minute Outcomes Video 9.

Often people attempt to develop evaluation questions without working from a visual outcomes (strategy) model. They are presuming that the people discussing possible evaluation questions all have within their heads a similar model of the initiative in question. This is an inefficient way of trying to identify evaluation questions. It’s much faster to do it by basing them on a visual model of the initiative you are attempting to evaluate. 

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