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We provide training on all aspects of evaluation. This includes implementation, process and impact evaluation. We provide a framework for thinking about how evaluation fits with related areas such as planning and monitoring. We take participants through a step-by-step process of planning an evaluation using specific case studies they bring to the workshop. We have taught evaluation to thousands of workshop participants and post-graduate students including: program managers; program staff; policy analysts and evaluators. 

Our workshops are fast-paced, entertaining, informative, humorous and responsive to the needs of participants. We use direct presentations, role-plays, group and individual exercises. We adapt each workshop to the particular needs and interests of the participants in the room and we use examples provided by them. 

Outline of the workshop agenda (modified depending on the needs of participants):

  • What is program evaluation?
  • Evaluation stakeholder management
  • Understanding the theory behind evaluation (relationship between planning, monitoring, evaluation, attribution, accountability, policy and political context of evaluation etc.)
  • Identifying what the program being evaluated consists of
  • Identifying key evaluation questions (including implementation, process and impact evaluation)
  • Identifying what monitoring data is available
  • Identifying evaluation criteria and rubrics
  • Assessing the appropriateness, feasibility, affordability and credibility of seven impact evaluation design types
  • Identifying evaluation projects designed to answer the identified key evaluation questions
  • Evaluation management, risk-management and budgeting
  • Communicating evaluation results
  • Being strategic about evaluation - selecting evaluation topics based on their relevance to future decision-making
  • Relationship between evaluation and other strategic, performance management and reporting systems and processes.

Participant’s feedback from one of our evaluation workshops: 

Very enlightening. Has made things very clear.
I found this day exciting. It’s been wonderful.
Enjoyed the practical implementation and knowledge from  your model of evaluation.
Has definitely exceeded my expectations.
Excellent format, pace and delivery style. Thank you for sharing your expertise with us all.

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