Strategic evaluation workshop

We run strategic evaluation workshops with organizations and groups of organizations from a sector either face-to-face or online. 

Strategic evaluation is a new approach to evaluation which moves beyond the traditional focus of evaluation just examining individual programs one-by-one.  

While strategic evaluation does include evaluating specific programs within an overall strategic evaluation plan, it views your (or your sector’s) evaluation spend as one large Research and Development (R&D) fund which needs to be allocated strategically rather than just on a program-by-program basis.

When taking the strategic evaluation approach, you don’t start at the individual program level. Rather your evaluation planning is driven by asking the question: ‘What are the priority information needs of our organization (or sector) focused on improving what we’re doing and identifying ‘what works’'?

The approach is the best evaluation approach for complex evaluation work encompassing many different programs and interventions within large organizations or whole sectors. 

The strategic evaluation approach incorporates aspects of: implementation (developmental and formative); process; outcome; and, summative evaluation. 

We have been involved in teaching all aspects of evaluation to thousands of workshop participants and post-graduate students including program management, program staff, policy analysts and evaluators and bring this expertise to our strategic evaluation workshops. 

Our workshops are fast-paced, entertaining, informative and responsive to the needs of organizations and participants. We use direct presentations, role-plays, group and individual exercises. Our strategic evaluation workshops are carefully tailored to the exact needs of the organization and participants we are working with and we use live examples in the workshop which are directly relevant to the issues the organization and participants are grappling with. 


The agenda is modified depending on the organization and participants strategic evaluation needs.

  • What is strategic evaluation?
  • Understanding the theory behind strategic evaluation (the relationship between planning, monitoring and evaluation in large-scale organizational and sector contexts, knowledge needs, attribution, accountability, organizational and sector policy and political context of evaluation etc.) 
  • Undertaking complex stakeholder management in large-scale organizational and sector contexts
  • Modeling the outcomes the organization or sector is trying to achive
  • Identifying the key strategic knowledge needs of the organization or sector as it attempts to acheive its outcomes
  • Identifying key evaluation priorities (including aspects of: implementation, process, impact and summative evaluation)
  • Identifying what monitoring data is available for the organization or sector
  • Assessing the appropriateness, feasibility, affordability and credibility of the different types of possible impact evaluation design types
  • Identifying evaluation projects designed to answer evaluation questions
  • Evaluation management, risk-management and budgeting
  • Communicating evaluation results.

Evaluation course participant's feedback:

Very enlightening. Has made things very clear. 
I found this day exciting. It’s been wonderful.
Enjoyed the practical implementation and knowledge from your model of evaluation. Has definitely exceeded my expectations. 
Excellent format, pace and delivery style. Thank you for sharing your expertise with us all.

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Credits: Digital Strategy Icon Garrett Knoll

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