Visual Strategy Modeling


“Government and nonprofit strategy lives in your head, in discussions and across multiple presentations and discussions. Get it out and into a simple but not simplistic™ visual format where governance, management, staff and stakeholders can see the helicopter view and then drilldown for more detail.”

Traditional text-based strategic plans and outcomes documents no longer work in today’s fast-paced strategic environment. It’s not enough to book an inspirational facilitator and get them to help you discuss grand plans about ‘visioning the future’ which then fade from memory within a week.

That’s why we use visual strategy modeling in our consulting work to directly capture your outcomes and the steps leading to them in a concrete visual model (a ‘group thinking tool’ such as a DoView® Visual Strategy Model). 

You then work directly with this model on an ongoing basis to ensure organizational and KPI or OKR* alignment around your priorities. 

In our planning workshops, whether is be with boards, senior leadership teams, management or staff, we gather the potentially differing mental models in participants' heads and combine these into a simple but not simplistic™ consensus visual model. 

The visual model includes a one page overview and sufficient drill-down detail to capture the key insights of participants. From this process a common strategic perspective and priorites are forged. 

The integrated visual strategy model takes into account multiple levels of strategy, risks and opportunities. It can also integrate visual customer/citizen/client experience mapping to make sure your strategy is focused on those you are serving. 

Priorities are marked-up onto the visual strategy model - and, importantly, they can be rapidly changed as your strategic context changes. Visual ‘line-of-sight’ alignment is used to ensure the activities of your staff are in total lock-step with your priorities. You can then use this to report back to managers, politicians and funders that you are totally focused on their, in addition to your, priority outcomes. 

KPIs, OKRs*, measurement and accountabilities are identified in the process and plans for measuring impact are also identified.

See a simple example of visual strategy modeling in action.  

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* OKRs are Outcomes and Key Results as used by Google, Amazon etc.


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